Waste King L-2600 Legend Series 1/2 hp Garbage Disposal Review

If you are looking for a quality product then look no further!  Waste King is a company that is known for producing great quality products at affordable prices and is one of the world leading companies for garbage disposals.  The L-2600 Legend Series is evidence of this as it’s composed of the best materials and technology.  The construction of this product isn’t the only good thing though, there are some added features that you will surely like.  Keep reading to see what they are…

Features of the L-2600 Legend Series

One common thing that a lot of garbage disposals neglect to include is a power cord.  This issue is solved with this model as not only is there a cord included, but it is much better than most at 36 inches long and meets all the US energy administration standards.

Jams and clogs are greatly reduced with this disposal unit.  The reason for this is that it is a continuous feed disposal so you can continuously add food waste while it runs.  Also, jamming is prevented with the help of stainless steel swivel impellers.

If you need a disposer that can fit into a tighter space then this model could be the one for you.  It is has a compact design that saves a lot of space.  The measurements of this product are 14 inches high by 9 inches wide.

You may think that because of the small design that it is less powerful.  Surprisingly this product still packs quite a punch with the 2600 rpm 1/2 horsepower motor.  It is also energy efficient with the “vortex” permanent magnet motor that offers quite a lot of grinding power while not using much energy.  While having a strong motor it is still comparably quiet to other models.

As with other disposals made by Waste King the installation is pretty easy.  Waste king also offers a 5 year in home service warranty so if there are any mechanical defects they will replace it for you.  What more can you ask for!


– Quiet but powerful 2600 rpm motor

– Compact space saving design

– 5 year warranty from the manufacurer

– Comes with a 36 inch power cord included

– Mess free and continuous feed to prevent clogs and jams

– Stainless steel material is corrosion proof


– A bit louder than some other models

– Some reports of the sink flange cracking through repeated use

Should You Buy It?

The verdict is in.  Yes you should buy this product.  If you are looking for a compact 1/2 horsepower unit that still has some power then this is a good choice.  It is made of high quality materials and has a good warranty to back itself up.  Can’t decide yet?  Click here to read more reviews.