How to unclog a garbage disposal

Some foods can build up inside the layout or block under or around the slides of your garbage disposal. This can lead to elimination not working properly. If the left clogged, accumulation can harden or damage the blades when you try to use the clogged unit. It is important to unclog the disposal as soon as possible after the blades are uncovered to minimize the risk of damaging the blades, pipes or disposal containers.

clogged disposal

Clogged Garbage Disposal Instructions

Locate the circuit breaker for waste disposal. It can be in the same circuit breaker on the kitchen under the sink. Turn off the circuit breaker.

Place the tip of the crescent wrench in the small hole directly on the center of the underside of the elimination box. It must be well adjusted to fit perfectly.

Turn the hex wrench clockwise until you feel it slowing or meet the resistance of the shoe. This feeling will be due to stuck food waste or the element hitting the blades inside.

Turn the key to the left until it is slow down or the resistance key. Continue this process to the right for counterclockwise until it is no longer resistance. If the resistance persists, go back to the last step, otherwise, go to the next step.

Take a plunger and create a seal with it on the sink drain opening directly onto the garbage disposal. Use force low enough to push air into the layout and pipes. Repeat several times before continuing.

Turn the circuit breaker back on and locate the small reset button on the body of the garbage disposal. Press it once.

Open the tap and let the water run down the drain for a few minutes. For water management, flip the layout off and let it run for a few seconds to finish the blade clearing. Once the water has been running for awhile you can check back and see if the blades are all clean.

With the blades clean now it’s time to wrap up the job. Congratulations you have just unclogged your garbage disposal by yourself. If you went through the steps listed though and still have issues then you would be better off just calling a plumber.

Things to consider

With the power of the circuit breaker turned off, carefully remove the utensils that can lodge in the layout if you hear a metal ring tone sound during use. If you have a double sink, use the rubber stopper that came with the sink to stop the drain from the other side when performing the diver step. This may seem obvious but NEVER put your hands in the drain.

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