How to install a garbage disposal

Is your garbage disposal broken? Want to install a one? Then you’ve come to the right place.

A waste crusher or disposal is a plumbing device placed under the sink to allow, as its name suggests, to grind or shred food waste. They are very practical and essential elements in modern kitchens.

They help to avoid many disappointments related to the accumulation of food waste such as bad odors, molds and fungi, insect infestation and various parasites that feed on its waste.

Indeed, with this simple small appliance installed under your sink, you will avoid many problems. A garbage disposal is not bulky at all, and most of the time, is not even visible in the kitchen. They  reduce your waste in a liquid state and evacuates it in the same water drainage system as the rest of the sanitary elements in your home.

installing garbage disposal

Installing a Kitchen Garbage Disposal

The installation of a food grinder is common, but very technical and there is little room for error. Therefore it requires the skills of a professional plumber sometimes.

If a food grinder is not bulky for the kitchen in general, it takes up a lot of room under the sink, and venturing to do the installation yourself can quickly lead to disaster. Indeed, venturing to place a sink crusher without the services of a plumber can lead to the damage of other items under the sink, so it is definitely worth finding a professional.

Their experiments and knowledge in this field allow them to place this element of the kitchen under the sink without damaging the other elements already present there. This is very important because DIY projects can go wrong so fast.

Avoid installing your insinkerator or waste king garbage disposals by yourself and call some professional plumbers who will carry out this work fast and with the best quality.

Fixing Your Waste Crusher

A garbage disposal is not an indestructible device that requires no maintenance or repair. Like any plumbing element, sink crushers are very stressed and are used a very large number of times throughout their life cycle.

Therefore, a food crusher may be a victim of breakdown or breakage. In the event of a defective shredder, it is virtually impossible to repair or replace yourself, as this can create even more damage by damaging the unit even more.

There are easy techniques to unclog a clogged food grinder, but that are not really effective. Because they do not allow you to pinpoint the real problem inside the machine.

Use professionals to diagnose the real problems of your food shredder. They will be able to analyze the source of the problem and find the right solution, saving you a ton of time and money.


Like has already been stated it is really not recommended to do it yourself when it comes to this kind of job but if you really want to try then I would recommend watching the following video that will really help you out.

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