InSinkErator Evolution Compact (3/4 HP) Review

Are you looking for an advanced garbage disposal unit to replace your old noisy broke down unit?  Or maybe you’re looking for a more compact unit to fit in a sink with limited space.  Whatever you’re looking for the InSinkErator Evolution Compact is sure to satisfy your needs.

It’s durable and compact design looks modern and will look good in your sink.  It was made for families or households that don’t need to grind a ton of waste everyday but still want something that’s powerful and quiet.

Features of the Evolution Compact

One of the main selling points of this unit is that it is around 40% quieter than other similar models.  It achieves this with SoundSeal technology that insulates the unit.  Vibration is also massively decreased through the anti-vibration mount and collar sink baffle that stop vibration from passing on any sound through the sink.

Although this disposal is made for people that don’t have high waste disposal needs, the 3/4 hp motor is still more than powerful enough to grind through tough food garbage like chicken bones.  It has this power thanks to the 2 stage grinding system.

Space saving is another feature that can’t be left out, as this kitchen waste crusher has a 34.6 ounce grind chamber that is roughly 10% smaller than the standard sized units.  This makes it a good option for people that want a strong unit but don’t have enough room in their sink.

InSinkErator has really made installation and replacement easy if you are switching between Insinkerator products.  A lot of people will upgrade from the Badger to the Compact because they want a bit more power in the motor.  It’s very easy to make the switch without plumbing experience just by following the instructions.  Although if you change over from another brand it will require a bit more work.


– Motor is quiet thanks to insulation and vibration reduction materials

– Made in the USA and high quality

– Non corrosive stainless steel parts

– Environmentally friendly and reduces greenhouse gas emissions

– Modern and attractive design looks great

– Continuous feed means greater disposal speed

– 2 layers of grind for maximum food liquidation


– Doesn’t come with a power cord so you will need to purchase it separately or wire it directly

– Doesn’t have easy access to fix jams

– Can cause a little bit of sink vibration

Is It Worth It

So is the InSinkErator Evolution Compact worth it?  We say yes, definitely.  The pros greatly outweigh the cons with this disposal unit, however if you are looking for something different then check out our homepage.