What are the most common garbage disposal problems?

garbage disposerA garbage disposal is a device that is placed under a kitchen sink that grinds food into small pieces that make it possible to go through the piping system. It is located between the drain and the siphon of the sink. Waste crushers are convenient and also reduce the amount of food placed in landfills. There are several issues that usually affect garbage disposals. I will go over the most common ones and give a brief explanation of what exactly you can do about it.


Your waste disposal can get jammed if you place objects in it like fasteners, glass shards, can tabs or coins. You can often unlock it by using an Allen key on the pestle plate, located inside the center to shake the element out. If the pestle plate can be turned in both directions and there are no foreign objects, you may need to get the assistance of an expert plumber.


This is certainly an annoying problem and one that I hear of a lot. If your disposer is humming, then it may be stuck. Immediately stop the flow and clear the jam before activating the disposal. If there is no jam, but the motor continues to hum, it may have something inside that it shouldn’t have. Usually, the motor should be replaced.


If you notice a leak in the exhaust of the crusher, remove the hose and change the rubber seal inside the pipe. The shredder assembly may need to be replaced if you notice a leak in the upper seal of the garbage disposal. The best thing to do would be to just go and buy a new seal.

Wont start

If you turn on the shredder and nothing happens, the reset button may have been reversed. Check the box at the bottom of the layout to make sure it has not been hit. Press the red button to force a reset. This should take care of this problem around 90% of the time.

Poor grinding

Over time it’s common to notice that your disposal seems to do a bad job at grinding food. This is sad, but a normal part of owning one of these pieces of equipment. When the grinders age, they need replacement some of the time. There is nothing you can do if the material is rusty inside and needs to be replaced, except to just go out and buy a new one. Luckily we have already written¬†reviews of garbage disposals for you, so read them¬†and get a good garbage disposal today!